Substantiation Sciences provides all aspects of scientific support for substantiating an ingredient or finished product as related to:

1. Product Concept

2. Product Design

3. Ingredient Evaluation

4. Ingredient Selection

5. Independent Evaluation of each Ingredient for DSHEA compliance, dose, historical use, and published scientific support and for intended use

6. Evaluation of your current level of support for marketing claims

7. Scientific and Legal review of product/ingredient and proposed claims (“CARSE” review)

8. Creation of a Product (or ingredient) specific Dossier (Product Master File)

9. Clinical Research Activities – assist you in partnering with appropriate independent researchers (CRO's or Universities) for a variety of clinical studies or projects that may be utilized for new Intellectual Property (patents, Trademarks, "know-how", etc.) as well as for claims substantiation.

10. Study Design (animal, human, laboratory, omnibus)

11. Study Interpretation and Applicability for your market and or goals

12. Medical Writing – assist you in getting data and information published in scientific peer-reviewed journals

13. Technical Writing – White Papers for Industry

14. Market analysis – your competitive land mapping with SWOT analysis

15. GRAS and Self-Affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe)

16. Regulatory Compliance- FTC, FDA, NAD, Law Firms, State Attorney Generals, etc.

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